Digital tale of geometric shape / visual for mius

This animation piece for mïus music band’s song called: ‘Haumea’ is a remake from the animations of Monochrome Clack.

Animation: Andrea Sztojánovits
Music: mïus music band

„Relax. This is a journey to a timeless audiovisual microcosmos..

..when you see your own light in totally darkness, it’s a single value carries only intensity level. In that world the audiovisual journey begin which drives you across shattered shapes with black frames and white circles among triangle mountains to the digital fields where there is full moon in grey and your breath begins to slow down; you hear the gong sounds and see the resonances in the air. This is the abstract universe: 40 minutes of visual experimentation with basic geometric shapes for the album: Eigengrau by mïus music band
(eigengrau = the color seen by the eye in perfect darkness)”


Published by Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ