Donumenta exhibition, Regensburg

Regensburg, Germany

„The Danube area is a very old cultural region. For centuries, it has given essential impetus to the culture of Central Europe, especially in Germany and the Habsburg Empire. Heinrich Heine once called the Danube, “Europe’s friendly, connecting stream: a river that does not separate countries but connect them.” After a long time of political divide, when cross-border communication was difficult and encounters among people were limited, the connecting power of the Danube is a gift – a donum. Its river sets people, things and ideas into motion.

Since 2003, donumenta, as a Europe-wide acting festival, has been aimed at presenting contemporary art and culture in the international Danube area. In collaboration with the curators from the respective country, the interdisciplinary donumenta presents topics in visual arts, music, literature, dance, theatre, film and the history of the Danube countries in Regensburg. One main objective of donumenta is to support the understanding among nations by realizing an intercultural dialogue. Thus, it makes a significant contribution to the cultural eastward expansion of Europe. Being an image of commonality among the countries, the Danube symbolizes Europe’s cultural unity.

The 2010 donumenta will focus on Hungary. In 2010, Hungary will be pushed into the limelight of the donumenta. “



Published by Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ