Hive paint mapping installation

Paint Mapping installation, 2012
Oil painting: Éva Köves
Digital animation: Andrea Sztojánovits
Sound: Gábor Borosi
Size: 90×340 cm (20 pc 40 x 30 cm)

This installation is the first piece in Molecule Collection. The aim of the collection is to induce a unique atmosphere within the given environment, which causes surprising, calming, transcendental feelings in the viewer/participant through deeply sensed audiovisual impressions. Visual language used in the collection evokes the phenomenon of the blinking light through breath delicious layers and filmy occurrences, which – through continuously changing light and tones – automatically induce the eye to attend actively, shift out from calm, and stimulate cognition. Details show up and fade away, the viewer becomes observer by means of the active participation of the eyesight – for example, twinkling, amazement, that is, by alternate phases of openness-closeness. This circumstance, the eye’s ‘respiration’ provokes assertive action in the attentiveness to the picture.


Hive was exhibited at:
Ludwig Next: Monochrome Clack 12/20/2013 – 01/19/2014, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Error and Co. 12/06/2013, Live Act – Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia
Hive Live act 03/24/2013, Kepes Institute, Eger, Hungary
Picture, light, space, architecture 01/25/2012 Tat Galery, Budapest, Hungary


Published by Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ