Interfészek exhibition

Interfészek exhibition
Fészek Galery
Budapest, Hungary

The Monochrome Clack group’s story began with a telephon call in which Roza El-Hassan said: ‘I think you would do something together, let me instroduce you to each other.’ The ‘result’ was our first installation, we called it Monochrome Clack I and this exhibition together with Róza El-Hassan and Salam Haddad.

‘Interfészek’ is a acronym: ‘fészek’ means ‘nest’ so in one hand it’s an ‘inter-nest’refer to the network systems which comes from the deep rooted souls explore new ways in art. On the other hand, ‘interfész’ means ‘interface’.


Published by Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ