Monochrome Clack II paint mapping installation

Paint Mapping installation, 2010

Oil painting: Éva Köves
Digital animation: Andrea Sztojánovits
Sound mix: Kovács Kinga aka DJ Sanyi
Size: 3.4 x 0.8 meter (15 db 40 x 30 cm, 3 db 20 x 50 cm)
Time length: 10 minutes
Painting in private collection

This installation is in line collection where the Monochrome Clack group re-thinks primarily the Bauhaus visual world and philosophy, which turned against the „mainstream” of the first half of the 20th century. The painting installations, which are the base of the artworks, primarily connect to the „Moholy tradition” through their special and up-to-date techniques with the relations of material and light.

The animation uses an exceptional method: it follows the structure of the painting installation, tries to re-find the construction over the elements by composing various sectors with still and moving parts. While the visual loops correspond to the original black and white avantgarde-painted „assemblage”, they simultaneously alter from it.

As a moving replica of itself (the mask – same as the picture – gets going), the installation, due to the variations, continuously reproduces itself (which means that the structure of the moving identical animation hits the structure of the painting at another place), the continual change resulting from the aliveness of the identical structures (that is the base of the animation) puts the composition on the axis of time. The two media, the oil painting and the digital animation together produce a different, cross-sectional visual experience, adding a third meaning to the image.

As a proof of the conversative nature of the installation, a new version of the painting was born based on the skeleton of the original (Monochrome Clack I installation), more minimalistic, abstracted projection, which will be placed next to the picture. The new version is a chimera of sound, spoken word, still and moving images – and the environment.

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We asked DJ Sanyi aka Kinga Kovács to compose a sound mix for the installation.

The sound was broadcast on Radio Tilos literary show Irodalmi Lépegető, and includes soundbites from the following artists: Isao Tomita/Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition (Promenade, Dance of the Chicks in their Shells), Isao Tomita / Stravinsky- Firebird Suite, voices: Peter Finch, Ernst Jandl, Charles Tamko Sirato, Lajos Kassák, András Petőcz, sounds of whales.

Sound texts:

music: TOMITA: Pictures of an Exhibition (Promenade)
text: PETER FINCHHis white room / longer than wide / play it / paint / paint / paint over brick / and that’s always exciting
text: ERNST JANDL– ja ja jazz yess
text: PETER FINCH: you should always take something that’s new / always try something out / push out at an edge somewhere / and see what happens / small groups of colleagues gather / to watch them explore diagrams / and see how its done

music: TOMITA – pictures of an exhibition (Dance of the Chicks in their Shells)
text: TAMKÓ SIRATÓ KÁROLY: “Moholy Nagy László Londonból”
text: ERNST JANDL:Komm Komm Jaa komm ja komm
text: PETER FINCH: the work of someone I’ve never heard of / and that’s always exciting / I enclose, here are, I am sending, please find, please find, i submit / could you, will you, please, it’s important that, I hope, I must, I have / to, I’m the best, the system is down, you are the light, you are the last / beacon in this verbal wilderness, I have faith, help me / fast rewound / plays it again

music: TOMITA: firebird suite
text: PETER FINCH: too much bad language says the supervisor with a hat / see what happens / see how it’s done / this looks quite something / you should you should go on tv / see how it’s done / sea


Monochrome Clack II was exhibited at:
Ludwig Next: Monochrome Clack 12/20/2013 – 01/19/2014, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Passages 01/17-19/2010, Gödör Club, Budapest, Hungary


Published by Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ