THE FLOW OF COLORS / Paint Mapping and Neural Network

The Flow of Colors
Interactive Paint Mapping installation, 2017/18
Concept and Digital animation: Andrea Sztojánovits
Painting: Éva Köves

Sound: Gergely Álmos
Math: Domonkos Varga
Size: 540 x 180 cm
Softwares and hardwares: After Effects, Resolume, Ableton, Neural Network, Bare Conductive board

The Flow of Colors 8.jpg

The project establishes a symbiosis of genres, as computer animation (movements, light, sound) projected on oil/canvas/photo paintings is a new type of relation between classical visual arts and 21th century new digital art genres. The two media, and the two artists, Éva Köves painter and Andrea Sztojánovits digital artist, create together the structure of the artwork, a new-type of medium from the static elements of the painting and the constantly changing elements of digital animation through projected light. Their Paint Mapping methods are based on a new art form called Projection- or Architectural Mapping. They unite the technology with the traditional forms.

This two artistic components met with the brand new mathematical way called neural networks, which made the painting installation into a smart, sensitive surface. With the development of biologically inspired vision models called deep neural networks, human creativity was challenged by algorithmic processing. In collaboration with Domonkos Varga (MTA SZTAKI) mathematician, this method brought to life by the complex interplay between deep learning algorithms and artistic style through an algorithm programmed especially for this project.

The mathematical algorithm recreates the color aesthetic of the projected light by changing the vision of the painting itself. With a tactile sensible interface, the audience can activate and change the colorization of the projected light with the movements of their hands on the control surface.

The vision of the installation is the projection of such an inner spiritual state that facilitates observing the spirits of the soul and interpreting the stormy state of our inner being. Through coloring, this state remains, but it gains different interpretations. During the process, with the color organ, observers are to change the quality of this state reproduced over and over again by the complex of the painting, the projected light and the mathematical algorithm altogether.

at Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs, 2018:

The first reharsal:




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