Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs

Zsolnay Light Festival 07/01-03/2016 Pécs Hungary http://zsolnayfenyfesztival.hu „At the first weekend of July visitors aiming to relax are awaited by a thematic, multi-arts festival, which alloys the amazing legacy of the city’s 2,000 years of history with a fantasy world; prompts for playing and thinking on the border of the impressive past and an imaginaryContinue reading “Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs”

ROM – Riders on the Mall Digital Art Festival, Budapest

„Riders on the Mall (ROM) is a unique gathering of audiovisual jockeys, ranging from virgin riders to experienced charioteers, from experts in New Media Art to audiences interested in audiovisual and technological trends. ROM deliberately puts emphasis on visuality within the current art scene, scanning the audiovisual landscape in Hungary and abroad for fresh threads,Continue reading “ROM – Riders on the Mall Digital Art Festival, Budapest”

LIGHT YEAR presents “Open to Interpretation” event, Manhattan Bridge, NYC

  „Light Year: “Open to Interpretation” is a publicly-presented video art show that explores the dynamic relationship between contemporary video art, sonic art, live performance and cultural reflection. Where does VJing end and Video Art begin? And how do music videos fit into this dynamic puzzle? Are there boundaries or just overlapping categories? VJing can best be described asContinue reading “LIGHT YEAR presents “Open to Interpretation” event, Manhattan Bridge, NYC”

Ludwig Next: Monochrome Clack exhibition, LuMu

„In December 2013,the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art launches a new series of exhibition, titled Ludwig Next that presents fresh ideas and projects by local artists within the frame of four weeks long shows. The new series aims to give a direct insight into current work and activity of contemporary Hungarian art-workshops, alsoContinue reading “Ludwig Next: Monochrome Clack exhibition, LuMu”

Donumenta exhibition, Regensburg

Donumenta 09/16-11/06/2010 Regensburg, Germany http://www.donumenta.de/ „The Danube area is a very old cultural region. For centuries, it has given essential impetus to the culture of Central Europe, especially in Germany and the Habsburg Empire. Heinrich Heine once called the Danube, “Europe’s friendly, connecting stream: a river that does not separate countries but connect them.” AfterContinue reading “Donumenta exhibition, Regensburg”

Interfészek exhibition

Interfészek exhibition 12/1-23/2009 Fészek Galery Budapest, Hungary http://www.feszek-muveszklub.hu/f91201.html The Monochrome Clack group’s story began with a telephon call in which Roza El-Hassan said: ‘I think you would do something together, let me instroduce you to each other.’ The ‘result’ was our first installation, we called it Monochrome Clack I and this exhibition together with Róza El-Hassan andContinue reading “Interfészek exhibition”